Using a group feedback approach to enhance evaluation of undergraduate clinical teaching

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This Westfield Fund 2015 project aims to improve medical student engagement with evaluation of teaching.


In order to maintain and improve quality of teaching, student engagement with the provision of feedback on their learning experience is essential. Currently in the Medical School we ask all students to complete an electronic BOS questionnaire at the end of each clinical placement.

Medicine in Society (MedSoc) is a unit of teaching delivered by primary care clinicians in Year 1 MBBS; students attend GP surgeries, in groups of 6-8 for 12 placement days spread throughout the year, where they undertake small group teaching, meet local voluntary organisations and have some direct patient contact.

In Year 1 feedback response rates for MedSoc range between 20 and 30 %; this means that there are tutors that get no feedback at all, and most get feedback from one or two students. The feedback tends to be polarized; students that were very happy or very unhappy fill it in but rarely provide specific information about what a tutor is doing well or what the student would like to see changed.

This project aims to improve medical student engagement with evaluation of teaching and to help them to develop their skills in giving feedback by asking them to discuss and complete their feedback on their first clinical placement as a group.

A further aim is to improve the quality of the teaching the students receive by providing more detailed feedback for tutors which represents the views of all the students on the placement.

You can read the full project report by downloading the pdf file above. The project poster received the award for most inspirational poster at QMUL’s 2017 Teaching and Learning Conference. You can view the poster by clicking at the picture below: