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Dr Mary Flannery explains why she makes use of trailers for module choices.

Transcript of Dr Mary Flannery (English), ‘Trailers for Courses’:

So one of the things that I have found very useful in my teaching is making use of trailers for certain courses. I got the idea because as a teacher of medieval literatures, a requirement for first-year students, I found it a bit of a challenge to ensure that by the end of the year they want to go on taking courses on either medieval or early modern texts.

And so at the end of the first year what I like to do in the final lecture is just to have a brief PowerPoint slide, maybe punctuated by some clips from hopefully really cheesy films on the Middle Ages, that gives them just a little bit of a taste of the different kinds of courses they can take in the second and third years at Queen Mary.

So for instance there’s always a slide for the second-year Chaucer course, that usually gets quite a number of students taking that one in their second years, and there are also courses for some of the – excuse me, slides for some of the smaller courses that we have, so Shame and Shamelessness, or the King Arthur course, things that just might not be immediately obvious to students in their first year.

And we usually find that this is something that sort of flags up courses for first-year students and leads to pretty good attendance in their second and third years.

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Dr Mary Flannery, formerly of the School of English and Drama, is now based at the University of Geneva. You can find out more about her work at