Teaching and Learning Conference 2018: Attainment through a non-deficiency lens: assessment, feedback and student belonging

In a series: Teaching and Learning Conference & Drapers’ Lecture 2018: Rethinking Assessment and Feedback
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This workshop aimed to question the ways in which attainment gaps are linked to ideas of student 'deficiency'


Dr Daniel Hartley, Researcher, Engagement, Retention and Success

Dushant Bhavna Patel, Student Project Manager, Engagement, Retention and Success

Grace Broome, Graduate Project Administrator, Engagement, Retention and Success


How are gaps in the attainment of different student groups linked to their experiences of assessment and feedback practice? How might differences in student belonging impact student experiences of assessment and feedback? To begin answering these questions, this workshop encourages QMUL staff to reflect upon whether ideas of student ‘deficiency’ are embedded within assessment and feedback practice. The workshop comprises two components which foster awareness of the implications of student diversity and heighten staff reflexivity around developing inclusive practice. In the first component of the workshop, attendees will, in small groups, discuss ‘real – life’ dilemmas (listed below) and consider a ranges of viewpoints to explain them. In component two, attendees will discuss potential individual and institutional responses to component one, before feeding back to the rest of the group. Through the workshop, staff will in turn better appreciate ways of constructively addressing important differences in student expectation and preparation, but, crucially, also understand how their own expectations of different student groups can help reproduce gaps. This workshop is co-lead with student researchers.