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Westfield funding was awarded to the Students' Union in 2015 to aid the development of a new app.

The brand new Students’ Union App launched in October 2016 after successfully being awarded funding by the Westfield Fund and following consistent student feedback that a new app was something that students wanted.

Involvement in student activities over the past 3 years (sports, volunteering, buddy scheme, Get Active, etc.) has grown immensely and students are looking for better and quicker access to information. As technology develops and changes, it is clearly important that the Union evolves and develops its outreach and the new app enables this to happen.

Following the successful award of Westfield Funding, the Union began investigating the options available and were successful in being chosen by Membership Solutions Limited (MSL) to be a pioneer of their new app. This allowed the Union to steer the development and design of the app, and ensured the Union became one of the first in the country to launch anything of its kind.

The new app delivers a wide range of functionality allowing students to:

  • Find out information about Societies, Sports Clubs and other student groups.
  • Buy memberships for student groups.
  • Buy tickets for events and opportunities.
  • Securely vote in Union Elections.
  • Find out the latest up-to-date Union news.

An important part of student satisfaction and building a student community is having fun at University and meeting people with similar interests. The app facilitates this by opening up awareness and accessibility to the activities and Societies that are available. Overall the app is allowing students to integrate into University life, helping them to get involved in activities, student groups and events.

In future updates the app will provide location information for way-finding and will be able to message students, offering a more personalised experience than the website can provide.

You can view the project poster presented at QMUL’s 2017 Teaching and Learning Conference below (click to enlarge):