Research seminar: student expectations and perceptions of Higher Education

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On 16th October 2014 ADEPT hosted a research seminar on Student Expectations and Perceptions of Higher Education

Presenter: Dr Camille B. Kandiko Howson

Research Fellow – Kings Learning Institute, Kings College London

About the seminar

In this presentation, the following major themes will be explored:
1. Students want ‘value for money’ out of their higher education experience, but with the rise of tuition fees they question if they are getting their money’s worth, and how their tuition fees are being spent
2. Students are supposedly operating in a market, but they have little information about what matters to them most: are they going to be (and what proportion of the time) taught by well-qualified, trained teaching staff in small settings?
3. Students want quality feedback on their work so that they can improve. Within and beyond the classroom students want the opportunity to build their employability skills, through development opportunities, extra-curricular activities, internships and work placements.
4. To provide students with the highest quality educational experience, institutions need to work with, not for, students. The question remains: how are institutions responding and how does the sector ensure this?

You can view the recorded seminar here on Q-Review (QMUL staff and students only).

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