Resources for Personal Tutors and Academic Advisers

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QMUL's Advice and Counselling Service has produced a range of resources for academic advisers/personal tutors.

Being a personal tutor or academic adviser is a rewarding but demanding part of being a university teacher. Your students may need help with a wide variety of issues, both academic and personal, and it’s your job to be there for them when they need help. The only downside of QMUL’s wide range of support services is that students are unlikely to be aware of all the avenues of possible help with their problems – and that’s where you come in. One of the principal roles of an academic adviser or personal tutor is as a referral agent, helping direct the student to the support service(s) that can best help them in their situation.

To this end, Advice and Counselling (ACS) at QMUL has produced a page linking to a wide variety of resources, from student mental health to disability and dyslexia diagnosis: click here to access the page

Resources include:

For information on how students with diagnosed mental health difficulties are supported by the Disability and Dyslexia Service, see the DDS Page on Mental Health.