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This project aimed to enhance students' skills in sport and received a Westfield Fund 2014 grant


Funding was awarded to the QMSU Community Sport programme which currently provides sports coaching and officiating qualifications for students at QMUL, in return for which students complete a number of voluntary hours facilitating sport in the community.

The project aimed to develop students’ skills through sport, specifically aiming to train 30 students as level one coaches, 10 students as level two coaches and a further 10 students as officials. Within that, we were also aiming to overcome current trends amongst under-represented groups in sports coaching, by specifically aiming to recruit more female coaches and coaches with a disability.

The project also aimed to increase the number, breadth and quality of extra-curricular opportunities offered to QMSU students within sport. Although structures were already in place to allow students to play sport in many different ways, there were few, if any, other opportunities to get involved in sport that did not involve playing.  A further key aim for the project was to allow the wider community access to sport through QMUL students.

  • Overall, the project was able to train more students than planned, with a total of 52 students achieving coach or official status, 35 of whom (69%) were female.
  • A total of 385 hours of voluntary coaching and officiating in the community came as a direct result of Westfield Funding. Our holiday camps also provided two weeks of access to over 10 different sports for the 49 children that registered for the camps.
  • Through offering sports coaching in the community, QMUL students gained a number of key transferable skills. In an end-of-year survey that went out to all students involved in the programme, students rated themselves as having “great development” in their coaching/teaching ability, communication, planning and organisation.  These are skills that will transfer easily across many industries, boosting students’ employability.

You can read the full project report by downloading the pdf file above and view the poster presented at QMUL’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2016 below (click to enlarge):

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