A Q-nified International Campus

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Westfield 2016 project to implement a series of campus community initiatives around international diversity at QMUL


Helena Collins, Office of the Principal and Sophia MacBlain, Queen Mary Students’ Union

The aim of this project was to develop and implement a series of campus community initiatives designed to enhance and celebrate the diversity of our student body on campus.  The project aimed to address the inclusivity of some of the initiatives run on campus and work towards enhancing and extending them.  Students would be encouraged to take ownership of their own involvement in building a more unified campus for staff and students of all cultures and nationalities. We invited applications to an Intercultural Awareness Fund (which was set up with funds from Westfield) to provide students (and school representatives) with opportunities to foster their enterprise, budgetary, planning and management skills whilst at the same time developing events that contributed towards cross-cultural awareness and a sense of community on campus.

We intended to invite staff and students to join in with focus group sessions about their arrival experience, opinions of QMSU initiatives and the international campus community events.  This was to be further supported by exit polls at all campus community initiatives.  School representatives and societies would also be asked for attendant feedback on their initiatives, how they could be developed for the future and personal opinion on the impact that initiative had both on society membership and the wider student community.

Whilst the attendance at the QM International and QMUL in Spring events far exceeded expectations, due to the nature and location of these events it was not possible to conduct the planned exit polls.  However, a counter system for the QM International event was used and recorded over 1000 attendees.  All catering provisions at the QMUL in Spring event (scones, popcorn and a subsidized BBQ) were depleted by the end of the event.  It was not possible to carry out the planned follow-up focus groups due to the eventual timings of QM International (prior to Christmas) and QMUL in Spring (before exam period).

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