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Westfield 2016 project to implement a new welcome experience for QMUL students

Jak Curtis-Rendall, Queen Mary Students’ Union

This project will seek to overhaul, improve and implement a brand new Welcome experience and arrivals package to ensure we are giving new students the best possible welcome as they begin their University and Union adventure with us. This will include a focus on developing new tailored and targeted communications, introducing a new student-group Events programme entitled under a “Give It a Go” brand, whilst also delivering new Union-led events and activities that target a number of student demographics.

This project will deliver a number of new initiatives that will ensure we can provide “The Best Welcome”. A key aspect of this project will be to work with our University and local community partners to pilot and develop a brand new tailored and targeted Welcome Pack and associated communications to key student demographic areas. These are outlined in the Union’s strategic plan that aims to increase engagement with particular groups of students within the University. We would particularly aim to target international, postgraduate, mature and commuting students in the first instance, with scope to expanding the project to student parents depending on other budget outcomes. We know from our data and other feedback that securing links and building an affinity with students in the first few weeks of term is vital in terms of building a relationship with that student, and ensuring positive engagement through societies, representation, sport and so on throughout their time at QMUL, which greatly enhances their student experience. As a result these new tailored and targeted communications will ensure we can reach as many students from these demographics groups.

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