Making sense of movement with the virtual Prof: development of a cross-faculty set of online tutorials

In a series: Westfield Fund case studies
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This Westfield Fund 2014 project developed e-learning resources to help students in analysing movement capture data.


QMUL students from a range of disciplines struggle to make the most of complex movement capture data sets, limiting outcomes of their teaching and research. The project proposed a cross-faculty collaboration to develop a suite of e-learning resources, to act as a ‘virtual prof’ and yield a long-term solution. Funding was requested to develop these resources in an iterative process and to share them.

The project managed to:

  • Capture student learning with regards to analysis of data;
  • Develop e-learning system to teach analysis of complex data sets, i.e. from ‘movement to meaning;
  • Maximize student input through their participation in development of the teaching resource;
  • Build skill development in handling large data sets – key skill for their future careers;
  • Train students in tackling unfamiliar problems;
  • Provide a stimulating method for skills development in data analysis.

You can read the full project report by downloading the pdf file above, and view the project poster presented at QMUL’s 2017 Teaching and Learning Conference below (click to enlarge):