Higher Education Reform 2.0: Quality, Competition and Choice

In a series: Teaching & Learning Conference and Drapers’ Lecture 2017: Teaching Excellence and Internationalisation
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Chris Millward, Policy Director of HEFCE, on the Teaching Excellence Framework & upcoming HE reform.

This lecture was given as the opening plenary at the QMUL Teaching and Learning Conference on 25th January 2017.

For more on Chris and HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England), please see HEFCE’s website.


This session explores the reasons for the Government’s higher education reforms, which are currently proceeding through parliament, and the key issues for universities arising from the reform.  In doing so, it considers the effect of the reforms made to higher education finance in 2012 on universities and students, and with regard to key policy concerns such as widening participation.  It identifies how the Teaching Excellence Framework is operating during its initial years, how it could develop into the future and how it could be situated within the broader regulatory landscape for higher education.  It also considers the implications for universities, disciplines and students of the separation of HEFCE’s current responsibilities for teaching and research between two new bodies: the Office for Students and UK Research and Innovation.

Photographs from the plenary lecture