Green London: Week 1 Level 4 Induction Fieldwork

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Westfield Fund 2015 supported a fieldwork induction project in Geography that enhances academic and social integration.


This project entitled Green London: Week 1 Level 4 Induction Fieldwork is a week long series of fieldwork activities for the new level 4 intake in the School of Geography that replaces scheduled teaching in Week 1, Semester A. It is designed as an enhanced academic and social induction programme and is thematically integrated into the content of the first year tutorial programme (GEG4002). The fieldwork is focused on open space and nature in London with a particular comparative focus on the City of London and Tower Hamlets.

The project aimed to provide a lively, coherent, and well organized set of activities that would:

  • encourage student engagement in their studies through their experience of innovative and imaginative forms of fieldwork;
  • integrate students fully into the school of geography
  • orientate students within east London and within the city more widely through fieldwork activities which will give them confidence in exploring and engaging with the city (especially those new to London);
  • help students get to know each other and the staff;
  • create a strong collective identity for the cohort;
  • cultivate their identity as geographers (and/or environmental scientists);
  • encourage students to see the connections between human and physical geography through the overarching focus of the fieldwork as well as its sub-themes;
  • provide a way of making strong connections between their existing knowledge and understanding of the subject and the content of the first year programme through accessible themes and topics, thereby building their confidence;
  • introduce an understanding of geography as a publicly engaged as well as academic subject;
  • provide an initial support for career development and employability through contact with a range of geography/environment related organizations.

You can read the full project report by downloading the pdf file above, and view the project poster presented at QMUL’s 2017 Teaching and Learning Conference below (click to enlarge):