Facilitation Tutors for the Transition Retention and Professionalization Project in SED

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The Westfield Fund 2015 supported a project in SED that helps students transition from secondary to tertiary education.


This project was aimed at enhancing the Queen Mary student journey in the School of English and Drama, especially the transition from secondary to tertiary education, with the aim of enhancing satisfaction in general, and improving retention rates.

In 2015-16 the School supported the Transition Retention and Professionalization (TRP) Project programme with two 0.5 TRP Teaching Fellows (a successful bid in PAR). The programme was developed by modularisation of the existing provision, by which means the School has embedded induction and longer-term support in the curriculum. Both English and Drama have had approved non-assessed but timetabled engagement and retention modules in Year 1 with a view to facilitating students’ transition to university-level study and providing them with the information they need to negotiate their first year of study. The new modules help students to develop generic skills in writing, editing, time management, and library research, as well as discipline-specific skills such as textual analysis and core performance elements such as voice, the management of stage space, and links between creative and academic practice. The TRP Teaching Fellows convened and delivered the programme in consultation with an academic lead (Bridget Escolme in Drama, David Colclough in English).

Westfield Fund supported the programme by funding Facilitation Tutors to work with first year students in a variety of different ways, overseen by the TRP Teaching Fellows.

You can read the full project report by downloading the pdf file above, and view the project poster presented at QMUL’s 2017 Teaching and Learning Conference below (click to enlarge):