Providing Closed Captions for Lecture Capture at QMUL: a pilot study

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The project received support from Westfield Fund 2015 to pilot live captions in lectures and post lecture transcripts.


There are many students at QMUL who have a hearing impairment or other disability and there is a need to be able to better support these students during their studies, especially as the funding for students with disabilities continues to be reduced (see this article on recent changes to Disabled Students’ Allowance).Lecture capture has long been a mainstay of the inclusive curriculum, but videos without captions aren’t accessible for all students.

Providing captions and post lecture transcripts together with lecture capture could be useful for students who have difficulty hearing the lecture, but it can also benefitĀ all students.

The primary aim of the closed caption project was to determine whether live captioning as part of a lecture and post-lecture transcripts along with lecture recordings is valuable and if there are long-term benefits for students.

Another aim of the project was to determine the feasibility of including one or both of these services, and how much support would be required for this additional service.

You can read an initial project report by downloading the pdf file above.