Advent Calendar Day 9: Get Students Drawing

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In Day 9 of the ADEPT Teaching and Learning Advent Calendar, David Andrew suggests drawing as a useful activity.

This is the Day 9 post of ADEPT’s Teaching and Learning Advent Calendar, sent as an email on December 9th 2016.

Get Students Drawing

David Andrew suggests the simple but effective method of getting students to draw something as part of their learning.

You can use this in a variety of learning environments. In a large-group lecture, for example, you can ask students to draw something – their idea of a concept, their ideal house, whatever works – and to compare it to their neighbour’s. This is a great way to break up a lecture without asking students to move or speak – often impractical in very large classes.

In a smaller-group session, you can ask students to draw in groups on a flipchart or whiteboard. This is a great ice-breaker, and it often gets students talking to one another. When the groups explain their drawings to the class, this often starts further conversations than just discussion would. It’s forced them to put their ideas down in a concrete format, but also asked them to think in a more visual way than they would if they just wrote things down.

Image by Sue McDonald.