Advent Calendar Day 4: Visual Art as a way in to a period of history

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In Day 4 of ADEPT's Teaching & Learning Advent Calendar, Jenna Townend shares how she uses art in history teaching.

This is the Day 4 post of ADEPT’s Teaching and Learning Advent Calendar, sent as an email on December 4th 2016.

Art: a useful way in to unfamiliar periods of history

Jenna Townend has an excellent way to help students engage with an unfamiliar historical period, prior to learning about its literature. She encourages students¬†“to engage with the trends which characterize these literary periods” by asking them “to discuss and interpret artwork from that period […]¬†By using artwork as a starting point, students can both apply their analytical skills to something other than a work of literature, and recognize the interconnectedness of literature and art across history.”

Jenna Townend is a PhD Student in early modern literature at the University of Loughborough, and teaches in its School of the Arts, English and Drama. Her work examines the network of imitators connected to the seventeenth-century devotional poet, George Herbert.

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