Filming Clinical Demonstrations

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Dr Dominic Hurst discusses why and how he creates quick informal videos of his clinical demonstrations to post online.

Transcript of Dr Dominic Hurst (QMUL Institute of Dentistry), Filming Clinical Demonstrations:

I’m teaching in an outreach facility where we teach undergraduates dental procedures, and what a lot of the students find is that they can remember being demonstrated or having something demonstrated to them, particularly in the laboratory before they got onto clinic, but then they might not see that again. And it was something I was becoming conscious of, that I would sit in with an individual student and demonstrate something to that individual student and then realise that the other 9 in the group had missed out on that teaching.

And so what I did because a colleague had a little handheld video camera was just to pop that into the hand of a student while I was doing something and get them to record. I then did very minimal editing in Windows Movie Maker, stuck a title on the front and on the back, and published it as an MP4 file so that that could be up on Blackboard or, now we’ve popped it into YouTube.

The feedback from students has been really good on that, and they usually want more, so I have to get my finger out and do more, but the feedback’s been really positive and a lot of them will watch those videos before they come on clinic, and it just helps so much in terms of then discussing issues around what they’re doing if they’ve seen the procedure previously.

Of course I could have gone down the route of trying to get funding for more expensive and more professionally produced video or videos, but the feedback initially from students was actually that there was no need, they almost felt that was good enough and it was just easier from my point of view, I don’t have the time to apply for funding and so on, and what I wanted to do was just to shoot something and stick it up on the internet for students to watch, and this just seemed like the easiest way to do it to be honest. It cost nothing, I can produce as many of them as I want to produce, it’s only a question of doing a little bit of editing afterwards and then putting them up on YouTube or the VLE.

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