Challenges for International Students: Previous Experiences & Expectations

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Will Hutton discusses challenges faced by international students regarding their previous experiences & expectations.

Transcript of “Challenges for International Students: Previous Experiences and Expectations”

A major challenge is reconciling lots of different expectations within a class if you’re teaching international students. They will generally, there will be quite a diverse range of experiences and it may well be that their experience here at Queen Mary doesn’t match with what they expect from formal education from their previous experience. So the emphasis that we have in the UK on autonomy and autonomous learning can be quite a challenge for a lot of international students, particularly if they’re at the early stages of their higher education career. Particularly if they are moving from school to university, that’s a major challenge, although it doesn’t necessarily differ that much from the challenge that home students face in managing the transition from school to university. But the expectations in terms of managing your time, meeting deadlines, handing in, producing high quality work under your own steam, that can be difficult for students, both international and home, to deal with.