Advent Calendar Day 3: Use your teaching space creatively

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In Day 3 of ADEPT's Teaching and Learning Advent Calendar, Fryni Panayidou offers some tips on using classroom space.

This is the Day 3 post of ADEPT’s Teaching and Learning Advent Calendar, sent as an email on December 3rd 2016.

Image shows a group of meerkats with one standing apart from them. They are all looking into the camera. Behind them is a tree trunk.

Use the space a little differently

Dr Fryni Panayidou of the ADEPT Team recommends:

“Move around your teaching space so that there’s no permanent front or back of the room and no hierarchy of students can be established based on seating arrangements. This might mean speaking from unusual positions,like the top of a lecture theatre (consider using a mic if it’s a big room and a laser pointer).”

This is a fantastic idea in both large and small group teaching. If you’re nervous, try it out in a small-group setting first or even in an empty classroom: just practice moving around and speaking out loud. It can also be a great way to maintain your own energy while teaching.

Want to learn more about using space in your teaching? Try this video from ADEPT on “Where you stand and where you look”. 

Photo by Kaz, via